Terms and conditions

Products and services are delivered by
Infospray Media ApS, Hammerensgade 1, DK1267 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Contact us on http://support.infospraymedia.com

The products are either delivered using email, through a website, as physical workshops/seminars or using mail.

Products can be purchased using either VISA or Mastercards

All prices are exclusive VAT as this may vary. In the US no VAT is charged, while European customers are charged with Danish VAT of 25%

For subscriptions the price on the product will be billed (and charged directly to your card) for each billing cycle. Receipts for each billing cycle will be sent on email.

You will receive a confirmation email when the subscription is started.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us through http://support.infospraymedia.com or by logging into your account and canceling the subscription yourself.
The cancelation is immediately and you will not receive anymore bill. Outstanding invoices should still be paid though.

If you want to renew your credit card number, this can be done from the link in each invoice email.

Delivery is usually within a few minutes but in special cases it can take up to 5 working days.

Refund policy

On all online subscription based products is a 30 day full money back guarantee and physical products and seminars have a 14 day full money back guarantee unless otherwise stated. Coaching and group coaching services do not come with a money back guarantee unless otherwise stated.

All rights belong to Infospray Media ApS, you only buy license to use the digital content delivered.

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